188 academic staff are taken!

Bingham, Bartin, Bahcesehir, Edwards, Celal Bayar, Abant Izzet Baysal rektörlükleri and Gazi universities, academic staff are employed in various departments-date information regarding the academic staff of universities be.Procurement the figure was published in the Official Journal today. Accordingly to Bingol University, Arts and Sciences, Theology, Economics and Administrative Sciences and Faculties of Agriculture in the amount of one professor, one associate professor and three lecturers for 5 take Bahcesehir University, engineering, law, architecture and design with the Economic and Management Sciences for the faculties 1 professor, 1 lecturer, 5 junior professors to 6 academic staff.Medicine at Ege University, education, science, humanities, engineering, agriculture, dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy and Health Professions High to get school in Izmir Ataturk 9 professors and 10 associate professors purchases charged.Celal Bayar University, Physical Education and Sports High School, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Health Services Vocational High School, Saruhan are Vocational High School, Soma Vocational High School , is Medical School, Vocational High School and Applied Science Turgutlu High School from the Office 35 professors and 28 employees professors.Abant Izzet Baysal University, Dentistry, Education, Arts and Sciences, Economic and Administrative Sciences, Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Medicine deal is with the Physical Education and Sports High School and Vocational High School to Mudurnu 4 professors, 10 lecturers and 35 assistant professors. Gazi Üniversitesince, Atatürk Vocational High School, Literature, Art and Science, Gazi work education to Fine Arts, Architecture, Engineering, Health Sciences, Arts and Design, Faculty of Medicine and the Turkish Music State Conservatory, to be employed 18 professors, 23 professors and associate professors are taken.Bartin 5 at the university, a faculty member of the academic units to meet the needs of education to be fair, arts and forestry, economics and management sciences, and engineering faculty as a lecturer, professor, associate professors and assistant professors received . Relevant information can be found online on the university’s”learn”www. Bartin.edu.tr.Haberturk economy