Dervis Karamürselli young inventors received a patent for the car after 14 years days

Days Karamürselli Dervis, the vehicle that uses electricity instead of fuel in 14 years, received a patent for the invention.Tag Dervis, in 1996, its own electricity generating system to obtain a patent. Applicants days, the first not, and later, 14 years after the Turkish Patent Office, was a struggle, “Research for a patent ‘to succeed.Tag’s invention works, the system is as follows: by the removal of the vehicle fuel-combustion engine, the piston, but also produce their own energy down to a motor winding. In addition, a generator placed in the wheels. When the drive wheels dinamolarda automotive fuel electric vehicle produced. day, this system, the car lowers to 1s per cent of engine power loss, so the probability is very low electricity reserve, he said.Dervis, from the Industrial High School in Kocaeli days Engine (42) graduated, 14 years after a battle with their own fuel for power generation, the car managed a patent for ‘Lambency’ film to get recalled. drama, with Greg Kinnear, of an American automobile company, Robert Kearnes’ın redirects after the patent for the invention of the automobile wipers told his 15-year-old a struggle similar struggle.Tag Dervis, in 1996 due to of rising oil prices because diesel decided alamamasından to make an invention. “There is something will be done, I have this thing called the contribution of oil in half düşüreceğim either eliminated or ban completely the saying” the work that your own power, engine start days automobile, bicycle and motorcycle first tried to work after receiving a positive result in a car that they began to experiment with portable single day:.. “I saw that there was significant progress then I have the two units were then I am using a four-person vehicle is started … “He said.Tag inventor, has developed on the functioning of the invention, the following information:” I use the pistons in the engine or something that we call the fuel-powered vehicles in a completely took over the piston. Instead, I have to produce a motor winding his own energy. In addition, a generator placed in the wheels. Car during walking, it is to produce energy. Goes something like this tool does a friction. This is how the energy of frictional heat üretebilirim said. I thought of an alternative energy generated by the alternator. I am doing this by the wheels of a taxi, the rotation of the wheel, I started with an energy. “Day of the passenger car market invented tanıtmaması” I ARMED had attacked “and patented after the vehicle came under attack claimed by armed gain to day, who said at the beginning of the last events.” First, I attacked, sprayed with a Gun gun at me over while bored at work, I received threats to kidnap went several times on this subject “… Take them out of the car, we’ll take you to shoot, if you take these patents, we will direct you to shoot you not allow “such as I had many difficulties. Prosecutor’s complaint. I have to rest for our phones. An intervening time has passed, the phones began to cut. I have the line at the same, I have the line again, he changed the line again the same. He reached me. Many cars had our meeting with the company. World auto giant Toyota, Hyundai, was Peugeot’la interview me, “We speak to share with you, but I’ll share one of a thousand,” she. said: “They give us break out of this patent,” she said. How many years of my life that I have. My goal is to produce them. “Receiving a patent for 14 YEARSStood much trouble, fighting to get a patent, DAY, the first application making in 1997 after 14 years of patent applications, which said an affirmative answer to the rescue of the process:” Ankara was called, and won the right to receive patent research in 1997 was the first applicant, was not 1999 but in 2001 accepted, not accepted was in the back are already in. .. 2002, not yet accepted. They were the youngest in the year 2009 are accepted this time. “FOR MORE CARS Intag, which produces its own electricity in a car without fuel in the world said dolaşılabileceğini. Day of this patent supports the takeover of the world first took note”, together with this patent, we will enter production in Turkey you see them in our own factory also apply even in taxis. May apply for a fee. Other car factories come to me, “Give me the Mehmet Bey is to say the patent, why, because they no longer own cars are sold” He said.http: .. / /