Solar boat race was the ITU World 3’üncüsü

Istanbul Technical University (ITU), the students in the United States, “Solar Splash” (solar boat) races in the world turned to the third.Students, near the town of Waterloo, Iowa, George wyth State Park Nature Shipbuilding member of the Faculty Professor in the ITU race. Yucel Odabaşı’nın boats, which they call ‘joined Odabaşı’yla. ITU-team, consisting of 13 persons used motor boats powered by solar energy, a technique developed by the Russians. Will take this race by air lubrication for the first time a solar-powered boat.Has been unlucky toStudents the United States set up in May last year, was summoned by the ship’s boats. Unfortunately for the student pages of the first race on June instead of the city not Waterloo. Boats equipped with customs, disturbed tests. But thousands of miles away, was able to go the third of 22 teams at the most American. The best system design, design, slalom (blank) phase of the championship sprint (speed), the second stage, the second best technical report, including the prizes went, five to katogoride Turkey.Since 2007, goIstanbul Technical University, Students in this race for the first time in 2007, and led Yonca shipyard chose the name of the Gallipoli War Nusrat’ı boat, the boat took on me. 14 held in the U.S. state of Arkansas Solar Splash competition ITU team for 6 people, 6 awards in various categories and the third in the world had come to Istanbul. İTÜ’lü Students Welfare in 2008, this time the names of the boats had the second goal of the United States had the World Cup over. Who was accidentally shot by a U.S. ship, and five Turkish sailors were in the name of the ship with the ship had Turkey for second place and 10 awards.How returned martyred there worksBOAT energy collected by solar panels on the after-regulates stored in batteries. Bataryalardaki electric motor runs on energy. Thus, even if the solar boat alabiyor way. The stored energy of 3-4 knots during the 4 hours to make your way quickly, like possible.Doing 25 miles paved per hourITU race in 2011 for the South team, the boat name Odabasi. Name of the boat, who died in 2009, ITU Faculty of Civil Engineering faculty member Prof. Ship. Dr Yücel is Odabaşı’ndan. Used in the construction of the boat Odabaşı’nın studies.ITU Solar academic team consists of 13 persons. Team shipbuilding, machinery and control systems engineers and students from various disciplines. Shipbuilding engineering design of the boat, steering and propulsion system, the preparation, mechanical engineers interested in engines. Control engineers have developed a special software is able to follow the boat from shore in water performanısını.As with the F1 cars on board telemetry flow, motor, and communicates the overall energy efficiency of the coast. On the banks of the boat captain of the team members, communicates strategy race.Single in the 6-meter long boat 25 nautical miles per hour is capable of an unabated pace. Buses into the sea, close to the speed of 25 miles. If gasoline outboard motor has a speed of 90 miles.The most important feature of the boat reached the world’s first solar-powered boat that uses the technique of air lubrication. Air-lubrication, the remaining portion of the boat under water, the air is so special channels friction.The 18th Times are reduced in the race this year in three main disciplines performed. Sprint, endurance and slalom. In addition, design students, in areas such as the project is awarded.Ertuna: effortsECA impressed us most students, the race SOLAR SPLASH İTÜ’lü Sales and Marketing Director Michael Ertuna, events that affect us most was the effort of Friends Sponsor ” . he said Ertuna, sponsorship and races, said: “Social networking Vaillant Group projects that the value added of Turkey, as a continuous investigation. This could help us, we can technically improve our situation in the country in projects that can add value are engaged. ITU team has established contact with us, the captain said the project came from Mr. text. Both are interested in a sector have a university degree, such as the ITU to support us and facilitates the persistence of friends. The first, second or third in their enclosure, not to wave the Turkish flag, wear the introduction of young people themselves, and in Turkey, especially to the excitement value. And in that sense, I think we have achieved our goal. Is it possible to organize the race in the future in Turkey, who served in this case, the host university professor. Recai Peçen’le with these groups. The young friends on the team wants them to work in our industry, our door is open. Dokuz Eylul team also participated in the contest without additional support. Turkey has facilities to support them, require more support. “Were affected, and joined the 7th ITU Solarsplas’taNature wyth George State Park to close near the town of Waterloo, Iowa, USA Dokuz Eylul University, the race in Turkey to the team the second team. Solar Energy Studies at the School of 3 years saw the team participated in the competition, the news of the ITU. Rudder system design awards, as well as the best rookie team and returned to Turkey. yedincilikle THY ticket with the support of local sponsors to support the 12-member team participated in the contest. Professor of the University of Northern Iowa, which organizes the competition. Recai Veil gave strong support for the Turkish team. your team, then 4 is a graduate of the Veil of ITU Istanbul Technical University, “the ITU Iowa’lı Students are excited to work closely matching. Was a beautiful fight, “he added said.liberty